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Juni 19 2012 - Some surfdays are coming

Finally I have some time to go on the water. Not just 1 days, but about 6 days in a row. It seems like tomorrow (wednesday) I'm going for a morning session with the Formula gear. Thursday we are going to have a Eastern wind 14-18 knots. Perfect for high wind Formula @ spot Herkingen with my right foot in the front. Friday there is going to be a 25-30 knots wind from the South. Saturday 20-25 knots from West and Sunday Formulawind from South West. Finally Monday evening also looks promising for a speedsession.

Hopefully the predictians are right and I could have some TOW. I have NO big slalomboard at this moment (sold it) so I hope there's wind enough for the formula OR for the medium slalom!

June 8 2012 - Speedsession with new records

After working I went to the water. There was wind predicted, about 35 knots. The angle should have been good for my homespot Herkingen. First took the 7.1m2 on the Manta54 because wind was not so strong. But when I was on the water, wind increased. My sail was so big, I could not hook my harness in. So I went almost 72 km/hr only on my arms. Then I took the 5.7m2 with the Speed49 and Slingshot 23. It took a couple runs untill I hit the 77 km/hr max. And than several runs I did 77 km/hr max and my average went above 73 km/hr. Here is the session : http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/?mnu=forum&forum=2&val=38562

It was a very nice day, and the wind hit the 42 knots in the gusts! Sunny, windy, nice people.

June 6 2012 - High wind Formula session

Yesterday I went to spot "Oostvoornse meer". This is a lake, 10 minutes from work. The predictian was increasing wind, 18 knots from west. Idea was to do slalom, but a surfbuddy of mine wanted to do Formula. It has been a very long time I tried some nice GPS speeds with the Formula, and I never tried it with my 2012 11.0m2 Vapor. So I went for it. It was very very hard to go fast. I tried a R13 66cm fin, but it did not work. Too hard, too short. Max speed was 55.33 km/hr, average was 52.77 km/hr. But the board did not ride loose over the water. Afterwards, while the wind decreased, I put the Hurricane FRB8 in the Vapor board, and the board was much higher on the water. With 14 knots windspeed I did 53 km/hr, while with 18 knots windspeed I did only 2 km/hr more woth the R13. So next time: I use the Hurricane and go for the 60 km/hr!

April 2012 - Some nice sessions

I had some nice sessions last month. Nothing radical. First I could tune up the new 2012 11.0m2 quit good. Used it in 8 - 16 knots wind. I found out the amount of LUFF that is printed in the specs, is about the max LUFF. The sail also performs very well with -4cm downhaul in low wind conditions.

Also I had some nice speedsessions. It has been a while I used my high wind slalom board (tabou Manta 54), but finally 15th April I could. I put the 7.1 Vapor on it, together with a C3 32cm Venom and this set still rocks! I could manage a 71 km/hr max with a various wind 18-25 knots. here is the session:


Also we had a nice holiday in France. We went hiking in the mountains near Germany, went out drinking and eating. So all the burned calories were replaced ;-) 

Now very busy in the garden at home. When this is finished I can increas my sessions again. I have some goals this year, particular regarding the speed. I want to go to more speedspots (Brace, Vollerwiek) and I want to be the fastest on Gaastra gear in 2012. Hopefully I have some good windy days on the water instead on my work.

March 2012 - Season is slowly starting

A little bit late to start the new weblog this year. I have not been doing much on the water, so I did not have something to write down. What I have been doing? I had 1 session in February and 1 in March. Both speedsessions, which were nice. I have put a lot of time in my new van (still not finished it), put a lot of time in the gym (that is paying of now) and normal day-to-day business.

Today I received a new sail: the 2012 Vapor 11.0m2 together with a new 5.50 mast. I sold my 2009 Vapor, which was my all time favorit sail. But it was time to change it out for something new. So if the 2012 is as good as the 2009, I am happy. Cannot wait to give it a go, but I'll need some time for it.

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