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October - Speedsession with 6.3m2 with new PB

It has been a while but finally we had some good winds coming from the NW! My favorit angle because you can do speedruns on my homespot with the right foot in the front. I used the 6.3 on the JP Speed49, and on the JP Speed45 with a assy mXr fin. Speeds were very nice. The day before I was surfing here with 11.0 on the formula, the day after doing almost 80 km/hr ;-)


October - Doing Fast Formula sessions

So, last months I have put some more time in the Fast Formula sessions to get a better ranking in the evaluated ranking on the GPS3S website :


It is really fun to go +50 km/hr on the big gear. My goal for the coming months is to do a good fast Formula session each month.

I am selling my gear in the meantime (check the For Sale page!!!), keeping in shape with running and going to the gym.

October - I-fins session in the chop

Last week I did my first choppy condition session with the I-fins fight club. Keep in mind that I only have 36 and 34 cm on this moment. I used the 36cm under the Falcon 113 with 7.0m2 Racing Blade. Fin is a bit to short for this combo and these conditions. But still, with a light golden foot I still could go good upwind. During the gusts the set stayed 100% in control. Downwind also max control (really nasty chop) and max speed around 63 km/hr. I think with a bigger fin I could had fly better on the fin and speeds could have been higher. For next season, if budget is OK I will also have a 38 and 40cm Fight Club.


September - Holiday in Spain

End of August we took a trip down to the south. Northern Spain, like previous years, was our destination. This year we again went to Baja Rosas but this time we went to campingsite La Ballena Allegra. I heared good stories about this camping, and early in the year I was there 1 day. The camping was still closed but club Mistral which is also there was opened. We had a nice time this summer, but not great. Despite the fact many people like this camping, it was not really our cup of tea. Very nice toilets, showers, big places with good privacy. Everything being very big, controlled ... Sounds very nice but wel more like the old fashion camping sites. Now we were on a big vacation city full of chalets. Maybe in 10 years time the whole camping is full of chalets.

I had some nice session. Some Formula, 8.6 and 7.8m2 time.

August - Windy weather sessions - max speed on Fanatic Falcon113 - IFins Fight Club

August 2014 goes into my stats as one (or the most) of the windiest summers. This month I did some very nice sessions with the 7.0 Racing Blade 2014. I have put a RDM Loft mast in the sail with a load of spacers. The sail is very stabil and gives enough power. I also used the sail with SDM but to be very honoust .. with SDM it has too much power for me, while with the RDM I even have enough power coming out of the gybe. For me a good indication that the sail is powerfull enough.

Also I have a new brand in my finquiver : Ifins (http://www.ifins.eu/). I have used the 36cm Fight Club with the Falcon113 and the 7.0 m2. I was really surprised about this fin. It might be a bit too short for the board, and I think a 38cm probably will be easier to ride the fin, but the 36 cm did it's job perfectly on flat water. Upwind in the chop is a little bit less but I am sure a 38cm would be better.

I did some very nice speeds with the Falcon113, my best speeds until now. In 1 week time I went 3 times faster on the board than I ever did before. +70 km/hr on the display!

Visitors world wide

Nice to see people can find my website from all over the globe. You want more video's, more information or just more stories? Please let me know in the guestbook!

July - Taking more attention to the evaluated formula ranking

Untill now I was not really into the evaluated ranking for the Formula this year. But, I noticed some time ago (about 6 weeks) that I did not do fast Formula session. Indeed, I want to take my slalomgear as soon as possible and use the Formula only for as-sharp-as-possible going upwind or downwind, and not really speeding. But, my gear now is performing really good with the BOSS B6 76 S-- , the Patrich Diethelm V2 and the 2014 Loftsails 11.0m2. It began with testing the range of the fin. I bought it for lower winds, but I have used the formula upto 20 knots (without making speedruns). Once I did a speedrun, speeds where going up to >50 km/hr. So the idea was born : going at least 50 km/hr average, every month with the Formula!

But, it was not possible every month. Wind, time, choice between formula and slalom ...

But the last 2 months I could do some speeds, so I raise into the top 3 now. Hopefully I can catch up getting second, but that Daan Cools guy is really fast on the formula and he has some nice highwind gear (10.0m2 and a speedshaped Formula board) where I only have my 11.0m2 and 70 fins.

July - Some nice session. Sold and bought the same board

I had some nice sessions and distance lately. I am getting used to the Loft Sails racing blades and the use of RDM masts in the smaller sizes. This month I had a very good speedsurf session on spot Grevelingendam. The spot isn't a real speedspot. There is a dam and a small bay where beginners, freestylers and other freerider make use of. The dam is about 400 metres longs so going fast is not really a good option. But it became my 8th fastest session ever! I used the 7.0 Racing Blade on a RDM and my JP Speed49 with the Slingshot 23. 7.0m2 was a bit too big in the afternoon and 6.3m2 maybe would have been faster but I was satisfied anyway.


1 of my goals is to have an 50 km/hr average session with Formula. If time and good winds comes together of course. Yesterday I had such a day, the second this year. Used my normall gear : 11.0m2 and BOSS B6 76 S--. The wind built up during the morning, but I only had a 3 hours window before heading to work. I managed a 50.4 AVG and max speed about 52.7 km/hr. Next time with more window I will use the Hurricane FRB6 70 again which I used before and did 56 km/hr with it.

And at last a new/old board. In March I sold my Fanatic Falcon 113 and bought a Patrick Diethelm 115 V1. The PD gives more control in chop, but man the gybing. Not my cup of tea. In the meantime I was thinking back about the Falcon and the good times I had with it. The high speeds and superb gybing. So, I sold the PD and found a very good Falcon113 again. A bit less comfort in chop but so much more fun for me. And because equipment is less important than the rider, I will probably have to increase my level in choppy conditions ;-)

May - Holiday to Spain

Back from my surftrip I worked some days and went back to the south with my wife. Spain. Nice temperatures, some good surfsessions, good food and drinks. What more to wish for? Especially I was very happy with the first sessions with my new Formulaset. PD V2, Loft FR 2014 11.0 and the BOSS B6 76 S--. It feels very good. Pictures will follow soon!

April - Surftrip to France, new records and Go Pro shoot

The trip to France was very succesfull. We had great times together with a small group. Also we had 2 days of Tramontana making it possible to have nice speedsessions. Here you can find them, both done with the 2014 Loft Sails Blade 6.3 :




I also made a movie using my Go Pro 3 Black. Here it is on Vimeo (turn up the music!):


February/March - Some new equipment / into the gym sessions / making surftrip plans

Not so much surfsessions in these months. But the ones I had, were very nice. I have 2 new/other boards in my van : the Patrick Diethelm Formula version 2 and a 115 litres Patrick Diethelm slalom. Allready have surfed them both and all feels good. Especially the formula is a step forward : carbon! It gives so much stifness and lightness to the board, it's plans amazing and makes a beautiful sound. I have ordered a new fin for this board : the BOSS B6 Extra soft, which is beiing used a lot with this board.

I had a lot of sessions in the gym. I stopped all the creatine and egg white stuff. I just eat good, and go as heavy as possible with the weights. Sometimes I do lower weights and a lot of reps. My bodyweight increased from 88 upto almost 93 kg. I now try to lower it a bit to 90 max. Try to get the fat down, and keep the muscles. Very nice to do. I love the gym. The smell, the sounds, the weights ...

And for the plans. In April I am going to the south of France for a week surftrip. Hopefully we have some nice tramontana winds, so the small sails get wet!

January - Getting in shape of the water / first new sails arrived / short trip France

January is dominated by getting in shape in the gym. I am going as much as possible. With a short 1 week holiday in France, I could manage 13 sessions in the gym in totall. My goals? Feeling good, healty and strong. I am doing a 3 * 8 schem. 3 sets of 8 reps for all muscles groups except my legs which I could not train because of injury. I try to go 4 times a week. Normally I do chest/arms on 1 day, back/shoulders on 1 day, lower back/belly and legs and 1 day and than back to the first day. Also everytime I warmup on the treadmill or on the steps. This week I am doing drop sets, and next week I am starting a new schem with 4 * 10. Also I am training my legs again, step by step. Each day I take a weyshake and a creatin to get heavier/bigger. End of February I will stop with the creatin for 2 weeks. So I am serious about it. With the right racematerial on the water, being worth thousands of euro's, trimmed and tuned properly and enough spare time it would be a shame if everything would fall in pieces by a lack of condition.

Besides the weight training part I am doing some walking and windsurfing. I managed 3 surfsessions in January. I still am using a borrowed Loft Sails FR 11.0 2013 which I like a lot. Temperatures were high, especially during the first 2 weeks of the year and I had some nice sessions with sunshine.

In the last days of this month the first sails arrived. I got the 6.3m2, 7.0m2 and 8.6m2 Loft Sails Racingblade 2014. More sails will come later. They look very nice and I am looking forward to give them a go!

A new year

There it is, 2014. Personally I hope 2014 is going to be as good as 2013 while that was a nice one!

For sale

Gaastra speed/slalom sails. 2011 Vapor 5.2m2 and 5.7m2. Both sails are in excellent condition. In the 5.7m2 the lowest window was damaged and it is changed out. For the rest perfect sails! Each sail costs 250 euro. The 4.00 RDM GOLD mast that comes with it, is also 250 euro.

5.2m2                                                               5.7 m2                                                               5.2 m2    

2013 7.9 Vapor. The sail is in good condition. There is only 1 little tear near the outhaul which is caused by rubbing against the boom. Price = 400 euro. Sail comes with a 4.60 Gaastra GOLD mast = 275 euro.

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