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June/July - Just cruising around

Been a while I did my last update, but if there is not something to tell why bother you with irrelevant stories?

I had some nice sessions, but still not a speedsurf session this year. It seems I am missing all of the very windy days. But hey, I'm not complaining. I had some good sessions on the sea and the Grevelingenmeer. I did 55 km/hr with my Formula gear and now I have my eyes on a faster fin. The same fin I had years ago (Deboichet R13 M 68). Together with a 10.0m2 sails next year this is going to be a nice high wind Formula set. Goal next year is to get 60 km/hr on display with the Formula gear.

May - Nice Formula sessions @ home

After Spain I found the Formula button again. And while I still have vacation through out the rest of this month, the Sunny weather and the wind I went for nice sessions at spots "de Punt" and Brouwersdam seaside.

May - Holiday in Spain and first Formula sessions of the year

In May we went for a trip to Spain, we had a very nice time with temperatures around 26 degrees C. I did some Formula sessions, the first since October 2014. I must say the trim was spot on from the first mile on, only difference is the intensity : the next morning I felt my legs, something I do not have with slalom

April 29th - Nice reaches with the GA 8.6 Vapor

What a nice sail the 8.6m2 is. Today I took out all the spacers. Rotation of the cams is very good. I put more battentension on almost all battens, except the top 2. The sail has a nice firm profil now, good power and good rotation. I love it. I ordered a new 48 cm F-hot fin to get a better low end with the Manta79. The sail gives so much power, the board needs a bigger fin.

April 2015 - Start of the new season

It has been a while I have something done on my website. The reason is, I did not had any surf for the last 5 months. Different reasons : I was'nt in the mood to go on the water ; I was busy with my work ; other hobbies.

1 thing I learned 2 years ago is finding the right balance between surf and all the other stuff. When I do not feel like going on the water, well than I just don't go.

But, since a week I am back on the water. My new material arrived, and I'm back at Gaastra with the 2015 GA Vapors. I allready had sessions with the 7.1 , 7.9 and 8.6. I made a TAB on the top of the page, where I put all my settings in. It might help others. I allready have the feeling, the Vapors are sensitive for the right amount of downhaul. There is a sweetspot, which I think might work for 75% of the sailrange. A little bit too less, and the sail feels to heavy and just does'nt perform 100%.

Like today, April 17th, I was busy with the 8.6m2. Eventually I found the right setting which is a bit high end since the wind was increasing by 24 knots. I allready found out on the 7.1 and the 7.9 that the downhaul setting on the sails is a bit too less. I put around 2 cm more, and today on the 8.6 even 3 cm more. The leach looks very good on that setting.

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