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Sails and masts For Sale!

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Fin time

2017 GA Vapor, Phantom. Tabou Manta,  Rocket

Lately I am busy with fins, Formula fins in particular. I am still looking for the best low wind formula fin for my set. PD V3, Loft 11.0 and wind between 10 and 15 knots. Off course, if I want to pay 1000 euro for a Kashy I probably have the best fin a man can get but my budget is no so high and to be honest, I am not gonna pay 1000 euro for 70 cm carbon reinforced with epoxy.

So, I got a King Fins to test from Slovenia. Also Busca is sending me some fins. Besides that I still have my BOSS B6 and a Z ZF to compare. Also nice is, I learn a lot doing this.

Some screenshots of the 2017 Gaastra/Tabou movie. On the first picture in front is the Vapor, behind that the Phantom. But what about the boards, what do you think?

Gaastra GA Vapor 2017

Here you can already find pictures of the GA 2017 Vapor. I think made during the meeting in Pals France and put on the ABCwindsurf.eu website. No more cross batten!

Tuning up the 11.0m2 Loft Racing FR 2016

Did some nice sessions with the 11.0m2 in 12-25 knots wind. The sail is performing very well and handles the gusts as a slalom sail would do. I put the extension on 40 cm (unifiber) and leave about 1 cm. Regarding to specs I would need 38cm extension but the Unifiber is not correct, it is 1 cm shorter.

Formula fins for sale

Check the For Sale button under "More", I have some Formula fins for sale.

First Formula race since a long time - Almere Eilandrace

Sunday the 8th of May I went up north to Almere for my first (Formula) race since years. Although I had very little time on the Formula the past months and just got a new sail which I am still tuning  (Loft Sails FR 11.0 2016) I just felt like going.

The forecast was looking promising : Sunny, 23 degrees C and wind between 13 en +20 knots. We got all of that, with gusts going up to 25 knots.

The course was as follows : start - upwind mark - gate - upwindmark - gate - upwind mark - finish. In totall about 40 km distance which took 1.5 - 2 hours.

Somewhere in the middle of the lake the wind was the strongest, just at the same point where a lot of boats were crossing the lake. So that made things interesting going upwind but especially downwind. Now I know what I need on my board : chicken straps.

I did all races with a borrowed Z Fins ZF 74 S-. My B6 76 S-- is not giving me enough lift and is heavy on the rear leg.

I had no ideas about trying to get in the top. Only things that count were being there, having a good time, learning by doing and finishing 1 race. Well, we did 2 races which I both finished. There were about 13 competitors with Formula kit, I got 8th.

Some nice slalom session, no speed, no formula

It's already April 26th while I'm writing this. I had some very nice slalomsessions. The weather is not that great. We had some sun with winds coming from North East but nice it is almost snowing. Still did not do any speedsessions. I am having great fun just doing nice slalom and jybing. I improved my "alpha" speed lately without noticing it. I'm using the GPS but just to keep up with my sessions.

Unfortunately the GA Vapor 11.0 is not coming, I have choosen the 2016 Loft FR 11.0 instead. There was a fault made with the new sails but luckily I can get my hands on the Loft. Hopefully this week it is coming. So I'm going to load up my Go Pro and will make some shots of the sail. So, keep tuned!

Looking forward for the new year to come

So, there it is. 2016. It is already almost 3 weeks old, this new year, so time to look forward. What are my plans?

To be honest, I do not have any particular plans. I have ordered the new 2016 11.0 GA Vapor with mast, and I am planning to change my PD Formula V2 into a V3 or maybe even a new 2016 V4.

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