Weblog 2017

A lot of TOW in May/June

The month May I was on holiday and did some surfing in France and Spain. Also June is a good month untill now. Last week did some Formula. Here you can see a 120 km track I did yesterday with the Patrick Diethelm V3 and 11.0m2 + BOSS B9 76 S-.

First testing 2017 sails

Yesterday I got the time to tune up the 7.9m2. First impression is very good. Sail feels very light and after some trimming it felt good on the water. Wind was very unstable and a bit too less. Still needs some tuning, hopefully soon another nice session.

April 2017 New sails are coming!

My new sails arrived in the harbor. I ordered multiple 2017 GA Vapors with masts. I cannot wait to give them a go!

This year is going to be great. In May I first will go to France for some surfing, than after a week I will drive to Spain where my wife will fly to by plane, and we will have 3 more weeks together! Life is a dream. When I have my sails I will share some pics with you!

Time for some new sails

After I had some 2015 Gaastra Vapor sails, 2 years later in 2017 it is time for something new. I ordered some 2017's GA Vapors and I am gonna get myself a 7.1 2017 Vapor proto. The 6.4 from 2015 I will replace with a 2016.

I am looking forward to another great year. Now I am very busy in the gym, getting myself in shape. Not only for windsurfing, but just because it is healthy. I lost some strenght and at some points in my body things were getting a little bit to thick. I get a lot of info from youtube. Since a long time I am following Steve Cook, which always has tips to do your excersices the right way and he also inspires me to do better. You just check him out.

GA Vapor 2017 vs 2016

The 2017 GA Vapor became a beauty, don't you think? You could say this is Ben van der Steen his signature sail, he did all the R&D. Just 1 on 1 there are not a lot of differences, but most difference is in the shape of the sail. I hope to feel the difference myself compared to my previous 2015's  when spring comes.

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