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06-12-08 Vapor 2009 (?)

On the internet there are some pictures circulating around about the new Gaastra Vapor 2009. This next picture looks very nice, but it's not the new Vapor I think. The new one has a mast sleeve were the rider can look through. But, it still is a beautiful photo. I like those mountains on the back ground.


Next to this one there are also some pictures taken off the real Vapor 2009. Well, there is still no official release so till that time I will call the sail "pressumed to be the next Vapor"

26-11-08 Last "warm" session?

Well, I could hold my shit in last Thursday  . It was a pretty nice session. Only we did'nt get the wind that was predicted. Forecast was about 21 knots ... so that would be a nice 6.7m2 slalomsession. But I had to rigg the 7.5m2 with the 125 liter Manta79. After some time this became to big (finally) and I took the 98 liter Manta64 for a ride. But still, the wind was'nt there. Made some downwind "runs" on flat water, but the speeds just went over 30 knots. Temperature was still duable with 7-8 degrees Celsius. Looks like it was the last day, winter just arrived slowly with temps off 5 degrees celsius. So my next sessions are going to be with the big stuff. Besides that, I have taken the running gear out off the dust. So I can keep my condition on level during the winter season.

26-11-08 Another session tomorrow

For the first time this year I have been sick. We ate something bad Sunday-evening, and that came out all Monday. I shitted my pants two times.

Hopefully I've got enough energy tomorrow to through out a nice session, and not to through out more shit because there are more guys on the water  

19-11-08 First go with the Vapor

After a night shift at work, went to bed at 07:30 hours. The alarm went off at 1300 hours to get some TOW before the day is ended.

Rigged up the new 2008 12.0 Vapor. Because I use a different mast which has an IMCS 35 instead off the recommended 37, I gave the extender 2 cm extra. After some tuning on the batten tension it was time to hit the water.


The Vapor 12.0 gives a lot off power! That was my first impression while I automatic got into plane. I have to get used again to the longer boom size. My VMG 11.9 needs 20cm less! Al went good, except I have to get myself another fin. The Deboichet R16 S-- cannot handle the power off the sail while going upwind. Also with minimal wind the fin does'nt gives enough lift.

Great first impression!

18-11-08 Strange sail in the van

There is a strange sail laying in my van. But I know how it came there. I got it from my new sailsponsor .. well "got", it's not for free .

From next year on I will sail with the Gaastra Vapor. I got the 2008 Vapor 12.0 for the winter to tune. With the idea: if you can tune a 12, you can tune everything. Later on I will also have the 11.0m2 2008. Next year I will have the 2009 slalomsizes.

I still have to sail the 12.0 while it is allready 1.5 week in the van. This weekend I got the new 5.50 mast in, so I can start tuning from now on. I cannot wait till I can hit the water again with the big stuff. But first have to work the nightshift again ... Keep you posted!!!

11-11-08 Speedsessions

Saturday and Sunday were days for the bigger sails. Very gusty wind, and really not nice to surf like that. Monday and today were different. Yesterday surfed with 6.0VMG08 on the Tabou Manta54 and 29cm fin. Today same board, same fin but with the 6.7VMG08 on it. Average speeds were about 65-66 km/hr. Here a small detail off a dam .... going full speed down wind, just near a dam on very flat water while the rest off the lake is one big chop .... nice


07-11-08 Finally the wind comes back

Just got the Tabou Manta54 back. The stance was too wide, so a couple off inserts are build in extra behind the front foot straps. I think I can test this new setting within a few days, looking at the wind charts!


01-11-08 Working on the night shift

Every two weeks I have to work some nights. Not the best moment off the day to be somewhere else then in bed, but hopefully I can catch some TOW later on the day. Sunday probably is going to be a nice day for the FW stuff. I have a FW-fin (Proto) in the van to test. Allready had two sessions with it, hopefully Sunday is going to be the third. It is getting cold tho! Only 7 degrees Celsius. I'm getting pretty jealous when I look at websites like the Pritchard brothers have. (http://www.pritchardwindsurfing.com/) What a great place to life .... and surf. 

01-11-08 Still some sails for sale

Most sails allready have been sold. The 8.3m2 VMG08 , 11.0m2VMG08 and 11.9m2VMG08 are still for sale. All sails are really in good shape. 8.3m2 is 350 euro and both FW sails are 400 euro. If you buy two sails ... you get them for 650 euro, really low prices since these are 2008 sails!!! Or all 3 for 1000 euro. 

23-10-08 Second session with the Manta79

Had a great session again with the Manta79 + 8.3m2 + 45 fin. There was some wind predicted (20 knots) but it was very gusty. So great opportunity to test the high end off this set. Circumstances were really choppy. It was hard to get downwind over the chop, so I went for a somewhat longer distance going upwind. But like I always say: what goes up, must come down. So at the last I HAD to go downwind for 7 km ... the board made it and I made it. The wind increased so I could take the Tabou Manta64 + 6.7m2 + 33 fin again and made some distance with this combo also.

Loving it!

Keep on surfing

Did some really nice surfing last couple off days. Last Monday had a very nice slalomsession on the spot Ouddorp Haven. Tabou Manta64 (my favo board) + 6.7m2 + 33 fin. Circumstances were choppy. I have got the feeling I improved my skills in the chop last months. Less bumpy but more controll and higher speeds. Todays speeds were 62 km/hr max and an average off 59 km/hr. The 75km distance I surfed went very easy.

 The day after I took the 11.0m2 for a ride. Some friends off mine are building their own fins. They are still in the proto fase so I cannot tell much about it, but the fins are looking very promising! Not only looking promising but also feeling promising. Today I tested a 70cm fin. The fin totally hasn't got any twist, a bit flex (think it is about a M Deboichet stiffness) and gives a lot off trust! I was able to go 53 km/hr, but it felt like 43 km ... that is what I want! Hopefully next time a good high wind flat water session to look if the feeling off speed raises to 53 ... and the real speeds go over the 60 km/hr

Here is the track, did some nice upwind and downwind runs:


19-10-08 A Lazy Sunday afternoon

Having a relaxing sunday. This week I'm able to surf each day, so today is for the family.

04-10-08 FW session

Saturday 04 October had a short FW session with the VMG08 11.9m2. First time I used a "new" used boom. Before I used an Epic freerace boom, now I have a Gulftech Maximum. What a difference! The boom is much stiffer, which I noticed during pumping. I could get into planee much faster.


Items for sale

Hit the For Sale button on the top to see what's for sale!

The UK had a big day on October 1st

On Steve Thorp's site I read that the guys over there had a very good day on West Kirby's speedstrip. Steve himself went very close to the wall so his 25cm changed to a 22cm


Steve himself:

Here's Steve's website: http://www.stevethorp.co.uk/

Very unsatisfactory USM

01 october I participated for the first time into an Ultimate Speed Meeting. My personal speeds where a bit dissapointing. But I know what I have to do about it. This time it was'nt the person but the board. The foot straps at the front are way to far from the back straps: the stance is to wide so I had difficulty to ride the board on the fin on the flat Horst water. Here a picture shows what I mean

The sail performed well. The downwindruns went smooth, and the sail gave enough power (Aerotech VMG08 6.0 m2).


What you see is what you get

A very clear understatement Unifiber uses to sell their products:


Why our masts and booms don’t look like Christmas trees?


Keep It Simple Stupid! As you will see all Unifiber graphics consist out black and white graphics used in a universal way so you won’t get confused. Most brands these days use special graphics and tend to give their products super natural powers providing them with “special treatments” which most of the time go together with the most exciting and screaming colours on the surface of the mast. As for Unifiber it is what you see is what you get, nothing less and nothing more. We would like to make it clear that we won’t change the graphics used on our...

27-09-08 New board coming in and some sails for sale

New board is ordered (Tabou Manta79). This beauty is going to be my low wind slalom board. 125 litres together with the Aerotech VMG08 8.3m2 must get my going planning quit easily.

Because of that I am going to sell some highwind/midwind Formula sails: VMG08 9.8m2, VMG08 11.0m2. So if you are interested in (one off) these sails please feel free to send me an e-mail.

From now one I will only use my 11.9m2 for Formula, if the wind increases above 14 knots I will take the big slalom gear.

26-08-08 Back from a short vacation in France

Last week we went to France for a short vacation (9 days). We went to the Haute Provence and Var where we had a villa. We had a very nive time together with some off our best friends. Here are some pictures during the week (high resolution!)

The house. Including water + frogs!

On thursday we went hiking into the mountains. We made a 14km trip into the canyon. The canyon is called the "Grand Canyon du Verdon". This was the 4th time I made the walk, but still it's amazing.

Walking near the river "Verdon"                            Marjan

Our friends Annemieke and Paul

There are a lot off nice things to do, except windsurfing: bbq, eating, swimming etc. :

We are all doing a bit crazy sometimes. Me (R) with Paul (L)

11-08-08 FW session on "Oostvoornse meer"

Oostvoornse meer (oostvoornse lake) is just around the corner off work. In the petrolchemical zone off harbourcity Rotterdam, the lake is just 10 minutes from work. So, went for a pre-work session (had to work from 1500-2300 hours).

Oostvoornse meer 

Had a really nice FW session together with Marco Leer. Both on F2 FW board (mine 2005 and his 2007), both with the same size sail (10.7 RS5 vs Aerotech VMG11.0). I do not surf a lot with others (also because off mine scedule) but it was very nice to FW-surf togehter with somebody else. The speeds were good, the angle was good and the controll was there! Now I have to wait till I can go home (well wait .. I have enough to do around here) so I can analyze the GPS. Max display was 53 km/hr.


01-08-08 / 04-08-08 A Very nice weekend

Last weekend was 1 out off the books.

Had to work Friday till 1500 hours. After work, went home and picked up the misses for a nice weekend on the water and on the camping site. Drove to spot "Brouwersdam". Brouwersdam in the Netherlands is on second place with the most surf-hours in the world. A lot off tourists come here every year (a lot off Germans but also Dutchies) for their vacations. And we live nearby, so we have got the sea almost in our backyard.

Spot Brouwersdam

I had a very nice session with the Tabou Manta64 and 8.3m2. The sail was slightly to big for the board, but I had a very nice ride with it. Bumping around on some nice waves and trying to increase my gybe level on sea.

At the end off the day we drove to the camping site. We had a very nice bbq, enjoyed the sunset and a bottles off wine.

Next day we drove back to the beach and had breakfast. It comes in handy that I have a fridge in the van and gas so we can drink cold milk and make warm fresh coffee.

I went on the water with Tabou Manta74 and again the 8.3m2. The wind was gusty but nevertheless had a nice time again.

Sunday was a family day, and today (monday) went to Herkingen to the speedstrip and took the Formula gear for a ride: VMG08 11.0 and 68cm R13M. I broke my personal record again with GPS, the second time in a short period. I am back in the top 10 now,

21-07-08 getting familiar with the Manta54

Today I had my third session with the Manta 54 since I have the board. When I first used the board I had some difficulties with the volumn. I never had a board so small, so starting was very difficult. The second time was last week: I took the time to adjust the foot straps and so on. And today finally, I was enjoying sailing with the Manta54. There were not real speed conditions but I could manage a max off 70 km/hr and a best run off 66+ km/hr. Now it's just a matter off time, and wait for a good day so I can challenge my records!

Also used the VMG08 6.0 m2 fot the first time. Found the sweetspot already: Luff = 4.46 / boom = 1.80

Long Time ago + a new Formula PR!

It has been a while since my last posting. I have'nt surfed for quit a long time because I was very busy with working (almost 30 days non stop, 12 hours a day). But, I am back! 7th off July went back on the water with my favorit board: Tabou Manta64 + 7.5m2, 12th july another session with this set, and today (14th July) went on the water with Formula gear (11.0m2). And I have broken my GPS Formula speed! The old PR was from January 2007. I thought it would be very difficult to beat that, because circumstances where perfect during that session (RS5 10.7 and 66 cm fin). But now with the Aerotech VMG08 11.0 + 68cm R13 I did it! But I feel my legs after 50 km Formula Speed!


Now I believe 55km/hr average is possible for me, but it is going to be tough. I allready had the feeling today that it really cannot go any faster! 


More TOW and Belgium Champignonship coming up

Got the change to increase the Time On Water last couple off days. Also this week (20-05-08) can make some TOW. Looking at the predictions it is going to be another FW week. That will be a good training for next weekend. The Belgium Cup is on my homespot during the weekend, where also foreigners can take part off. This will be my first Formula contest, so I can get a tast off what is going on during  a contest with big gear and upwind+downwind course.

On http://www.mytrims.com/ you can see my surfsessions. I'm in the top 10 right now with most hours surfed.

Sunny Days

Last days where really beautiful. Tuesday went to Brouwersdam seaside together with Marjan. About 24 degrees Celsius and wind increasing from 8-12 knots to 12-17 knots. First took the Formula for a ride together with the Aerotech VMG08 9.8m2. This went really great. I was in full controll while there where also guys surfing with 6.5m2. The wind increased and it was time to make my baby wet: the new Manta64 (100 litres). Allready surfed it on the lakes, not at sea. Rigged the 7.5m2 + 36cm Select fin.

I had one off my best sessions ever. The gybes went good (I could stand 9 out off 10), even managed a couple on speed. In the evening had a BBQ in the garden with some good wine. A beautiful day!


Back in English again. Why? I have got some reactions off USA Aerotech teamriders that are checking my site, they asked me to write it in English. Well, I think I can manage that. I think everybody can read English.

Ask me what I will do with a hundred thousand euro's (euro's , no dollars, they are getting less worth each week checking out the stocking market) and I will answer: I'll buy some extra holidays!

TOW is the keyword for me. Talking about windsurfing, I can do for hours. Dreaming about it even longer. But doing it, that's it! It has been a while since I could surf muliple days in a week, but last week I could. And that's great because I got my new Aerotech VMG's. Trying them out, put al the notes on paper about rigging, luff, boom etc. Did some TOW with the 11.9m2. From 5 till 18 knots. Surfing with the 11.9 in 18 knots wind is very hard for me. Maybe there are guys who can manage it easily, but at a certain moment I was only pushing against the boom with my front hand, and pulling with the back hand ... outhaul on maximum. But that are only gusts.

Also was on the water with really minimal wind. I have learned after these days that I would prefer overpowered than underpowered. Pumping the sail is harder for my body, then pushing and pulling during overpowered sailing! What is funny is to see you can go twice the windspeed: yesterday I went 22.6 knots speed with 11 knots wind. 6th may 27 knots with 18 knots wind (overpowered surfing is not the fastest .. also choppy) and May 5th max 27.1 knots wit 15 knots wind. All with the 11.9m2.

And now for the coming days I can't think about surfing anymore. I work on a refinery. Once in a while we have to shut it down for maintenance. Also we have got a big project going on with new destillation towers, pumps, exchangers etc. This weekend (eastern or not) we have to shut it down .. that takes a couple off days. making it empty and "sweet" (that is empty off oil and gasses so we can open the equipent safely). It will be the end off June before we start it up again. So the next days I work 12 hour shifts. From the 26th off May I will work dayshifts (probably 10 hours a day minimum, 6 days a week), to coordinate the project in the controll room.

So now you know a little what I do except beiing on the water.

22th April - New sails are here!

Gisteren naar Bad Hoophuizen gereden om samen met teammaatje Roger van Tongeren de nieuwe Aerotech VMG 2008 te testen. Gevaren met de 6.7 en de 7.5. Met de 7.5 de beste snelheden gehaald. De wind was erg vlagerig, maar toch een goede eerste indruk kunnen krijgen van de zeilen en ook af kunnen stellen. Iets waar het allemaal om te doen was.

Vandaag (22 April) de 11.9m2 kunnen testen. Wind was minimaal tussen niets tot max 12 knopen in de vlaagjes. Ook de 11.9 maakt een goede indruk. De zeilen zijn ten opzichte van vorig jaar lichter in gewicht geworden. Ik vind ze wat neutraler aanvoelen, het drukpunt is iets naar voren verschoven. Gewoon hele lekkere zeilen!

One off my favorite guitar players


07-april-2008 Tweede en laatste sessie van deze week. PR met de 11.0m

Helaas, de wind gooide roet in het eten deze week. Of liever gezegd, de wind die niet aanwezig was ... 07 April een sessie gehad met de 11.0meter + R16 S-- 70cm. Hiermee een SET-PR gemaakt met een max van 52.8 km/hr en een gemiddelde snelheid van net geen 50 km/hr, lekker! Nu is het "wachten" op de wind. In de tussentijd maak ik me thuis nuttig met een kwast, boormachine enzovoorts ... 

06-april-2008 Eerst dag een sessie met de Formula

Vandaag met Formula het water op. De wind was dermate wisselend dat ik de 6.7m2 in de bus liet liggen en de 9.8m2 tevoorschijn haalde. Met momenten was het serieus aanpoten. Noordwesten wind aan de Grevelingendam betekend serieuze chop. Vooral hoog aan de wind is het 1 groot stuiterfestival. maar toch, lekker gevaren. 1 uur en drie kwartier later en 43 km verder weer afgetuigd. Ik ben sinds Gruissan de bovenste grommet (uithaleroog) gaan gebruiken ipv de middelste. Ik moet zeggen dat dit echt wel beter vaart: het zeil trekt niet meer in het water en het lijkt of ik constant meer power voorhanden heb.

 Morgen weer het water op. Maar eerst werken vannacht ... slapen ... wekker zetten etc. Jammer dat het van de week kouder wordt! Dan maar iets harder surfen om warm te blijven 


05-april-2008 Time to surf next coming days

Het ziet er naar uit dat mijn naam de komende week weer wat vaker zal verschijnen op http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/ De komende week weer eens wat tijd om te gaan surfen. Eerst dit weekend: ik heb de nachtdienst, dus dat betekent in de nacht werken, 0700 uur naar huis rijden, 0730 uur het bedje in, en dan vervolgens 1330 uur de wekker. Naar het water, een paar uur surfen, en dan in de avond om 2200 uur weer naar het werk. Van de week ziet de wind er ook aardig uit, afgezien van de dinsdag. Wel zit er wat regen (sneeuw?) in de lucht, hopelijk blijft het bij een spatje.

Ik heb er in ieder geval zin in! De sportschool ga ik dan maar weer opzeggen ivm de start van het nieuwe surfseizoen, er blijft anders geen tijd over om nat te worden!

Gruissan 2008 story

Kijk onder de TAB "Gruissan 2008" over mijn week in het zuiden van Frankrijk. Het was een zeer leerzame week voor mij persoonlijk. Ik moet leren om de perfecte trim te vinden tussen de Aerotech zeilen en de nieuwe Tabou Manta's. Gisteren (01-04-08) reeds een begin mee gemaakt op het water van Herkingen. De Manta64 + 6.7m2 gevaren en verschillende vinnen getest. Ik heb nu al gemerkt dat ik de giek weer hoger moet gaan varen (is omlaag gegaan het laatste jaar), de trapezelijnen langer (die heb ik steeds korter gemaakt het laatste jaar), en de mastvoet achterin. Eigenlijk een beetje de setting zoals ik die met de RS5 zeilen had op de Exocet boards.

Over een paar weken komen de nieuwe zeilen binnen! Stickers liggen klaar, en ook de zin om alles weer af te stellen en te tunen! Alleen al dat uitpakken met dozen/plastic en dergelijke. Erg vervelend allemaal

13 Maart New board came in

Vandaag mocht ik mijn nieuwe board in ontvangst nemen: Tabou Manta 64 2009.

Het mag duidelijk zijn, dat ik erg blij ben dat mijn sponsor aan mij 1 van de 2009 boards kon overhandigen! Hier nog wat foto's:

01 Maart 2008  Officiele release nieuwe Manta's

Dit zijn ze dan: de nieuwe Tabou Manta 2009. De boards zijn vanaf eind April op voorraad. De reden dat Tabou nu al met de nieuwe boards op de markt komt, is dat de PWA de regels heeft gewijzigd: voor 15 december moeten de boards worden aangemeld, willen deze als productieboard verkocht worden. Vervolgens blijven de boards voor 2009 ongewijzigd.

Zelf hoop ik snel de Manta54 en de Manta64 in ontvangst te nemen. De Manta74 (met de 2007/2008 look) hou ik nog eventjes, alhoewel deze misschien eruit gaat voor de nieuwe Manta79.

En wat het overige materiaal betreft: ik heb wat extra masten besteld zodat ik de 4.30 meter en de 4.60 meter dubbel (of driedubbel) heb. Tevens hoop ik eind Maart de nieuwe zeilen in ontvangst te nemen. De 5.4m2 2007 VMG hou ik nog een jaartje. Wat 2008 zeilen betreft heb ik deze besteld: 6.0 / 6.7 / 7.5 / 8.3 / 9.8 / 11.0 / 11.9

Tevens een aantal nieuwe vinnen besteld. Na een jaar Tectonics, stap ik weer terug over naar Select. De nieuwe 2008 SL07 zien er zeer goed uit, met een mooie afwerking waar het in 2007 nog wel eens aan ontbrak. Voorlopig heb ik de maten 27/29/31/33/35/37 besteld. Het ligt er een beetje aan of ik de Manta74 wegdoe voor de Manta79, want dan komen er nog wel wat grote maten bij.

Al ruim een maand niet gesurft nu (eind Januari voor het laatst), hopelijk komt daar snel verandering in! Ben wat druk geweest met het werk en andere hobby's, en het wordt nu weer tijd om nat te worden!!!

03 Februari 2008 For sale

Tectonics Falcon F1 + Goldwing vinnen te koop. 24 tot 36 cm. Tuttle box en 120 euro per stuk

18 Januari  Manta59 onder de knie

Nu na een paar keer met de Manta59 gevaren te hebben ben ik er wel aardig vriendjes mee geworden. Vrijdag 18 Januari in de chop gevaren op Herkingen (aanlandige zuidenwind). Manta59 gevaren met 6.7M2 en de 32 cm Goldwing. De achterste standaard voetbanden vervangen door grotere Da-Kines. Dit puur gedaan vanwege nieuwe surflaarsjes die een stuk breder zijn. De Manta59 kan goed overweg met de korte chop. Het board loopt mooi vrij van het water. Het vaargevoel is iets harder dan de TB2-58 die ik gewend was met de shock-absorbers, maar niet zo hard dat het een nadeel is. Voordeel is dat ik wat meer boardgevoel heb. Hopelijk is de Manta54 snel binnen.


7 Januari  Begin van een nieuw surfjaar

Vandaag het nieuwe surfjaar begonnen op lievelingsspot Herkingen. Tevens de eerste keer gevaren met de Tabou Manta59. Ik ben er niet direct vriendjes mee geworden. Vooral de stance en het zoeken naar de juiste vin is even lastig. Het board komt niet snel los en is wat zoekerig. Het gaf me in ieder geval niet direct een vertrouwd gevoel. Resultaten: http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/gps.asp?mnu=forum&smnu=2&val=5936

Hans Kreisel heeft met de telefoon nog 2 korte filmpjes geschoten. Excuses voor de belabberde kwaliteit:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBFaPEppPI0  en  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohYmsMPthtU

Voor aanstaande woensdag 9 Januari ziet het er weer veelbelovend uit met een Zuidwester. Hopelijk kan ik de moed en de energie in deze nachtdiensten week opbrengen om nog even te gaan. Doel is om in 2008 meer te surfen dan ik in 2007 gedaan heb, en dat gaat niet vanzelf!


Een paar 2007 statistieken

In 2007 (zie ook sessies 2007) een 6 tal records verbeterd:

PR Formula  --> 52.78 km/hr

PR AVG      --> 68.49 km/hr

PR 2 sec     --> 73.8 km/hr

PR afstand   --> 140 km

PR Mile       --> 53.5 km/hr

SETPR Manta74 --> 67.08 km/hr

Nu het nieuwe surfjaar weer begonnen is, is het altijd leuk en leerzaam om terug te blikken. Hoeveel kilometers heb ik gevaren, waar en met welke spullen?

Zo heb ik in Januari 2007 in totaal 382 km gevaren, die maand was dan ook zacht te noemen. Het zou natuurlijk leuk zijn om de gelegenheid te hebben om hier overheen te gaan!

Recent Photos

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